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  • School Information
    ECDD classrooms are for children ages 3 to 5 with diagnosed disabilities.  Curriculum focus on development of individual skills such as: expressive/receptive communication, language development, motor skills, and social skills. For enrollment information call Lyn Kleimola  (810) 639-6131 ext. 8713





  • Hours: 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
    Director: Carla Setzke
    Phone: (810) 639-6131 x8846 or (810) 591-8846
    Fax: (810) 591-7283
    Address: 200 Park Street
    Montrose, MI  48457
  • Montrose Choice School is a free public education program serving high school students up to the age of 20. Students who need more one-on-one assistance typically benefit from a non-traditional setting. Montrose Choice School helps students obtain a legitimate high school diploma by providing flexible schedules, smaller teacher/student ratio, and innovative and modified curricula relevant to each student’s needs and interests.

    Click Here for an Enrollment Packet

  • Principal:  Mrs. Cassandra K. Jackson                           Carter Office Hours: 

    Secretary:  Ms. Sandy Tolles                                               Monday-Friday

    Secretary Assistant:  Mrs. Lisa Wanink                              7:00am-4:00pm

    Phone: (810) 591-8842                                                        Student Start Time: 7:40am

    Building Fax: (810) 591-7283                                             Student Dismissal: 2:45pm

                                     Enrollment:  Approximately 500 Students

  • School Information
    Principal: Linden Moore
    Phone:  (810) 591-8825
    Building Fax: (810) 591-7281
    Enrollment: Approximately 400 students

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  • Principal:  Ms. Rhonda Barber
         Secretary: Ms. Vicki Podulka
    Assistant Principal: Mr. Shayne Mishler
         Secretary:  Ms. Mary Anne Kilbourn
    Contact Information: 303 Ray Street     Montrose, MI  48457
    Phone: (810) 591-8832
    Fax: (810) 591-7282
    Enrollment 433